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Some years ago I used to collect newspaper clippings of articles that amused me. I started doing this after I read an article about a woman from the Phillipines who claimed to have given birth to a fish. It amused me so much that I clipped it in order to show it to disbelieving friends. There must be something about sex and the Phillipines as I have another story from there about a male homosexual nurse who claimed to be pregnant. This story is accompanied by a photograph. <%=Now()%>

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New Age Adverts

Sometime in the late eighties or early nineties I found a new age magazine called 'Rainbow Network'. It was full of bizarre advertisements aimed at people of an obviously lunatic bent. Being highly entertained by some of them, I clipped them too. I present them here for your entertainment.

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For several years I lived in Orua Wharo Homestead in Central Hawkes Bay. Oruawharo Homestead was built in 1879 by Sidney Johnston, manager (and later owner) of Oruawharo Station - a 7,176.5ha (17,726 acre) holding in Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. The original 21 room house was 60 feet by 70 feet and had a 25 foot stud.

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Some bits about me; my drug memories, helping save a small town, giant yellow ducks and other such everyday subjects.

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