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Doctors fooled by man's `pregnancy
Ho ho, say police to sooty `Santa's' story 
Idea all washed up 

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Doctors fooled by man's `pregnancy'

MALAYBALAY (Philippines), June8. -- A Filipino male nurse who captured world attention by claiming to be six months pregnant is a fake, his doctor said today. 

Dr Clarita Paggao said Edwin Bayron, also known as Carlo, a 32 year old homosexual nurse who has since disappeared, fooled her and other doctors by concocting details of his medical history. 

He was never given a complete physical examination until last week when he was revealed as a fraud. 

He hoodwinked medical staff, lawyers and journalists by claiming that he was a hermaphrodite, born with both male and female sexual organs, who later had an operation to make him a woman. 

Philippine Health Secretary Antonio Periquet had even offered to cover all expenses for the birth. "He has fooled all of us for reasons he alone can explain," said Paggao, chief gynecologist at the Bukidnon provincial hospital in the southern Philippines where Bayron worked. 

"That is why I want to see him again, and to undress him in public so that the whole world will know that he is a fake." Paggao and provincial health officials had earlier said Bayron was pregnant, based on an ultra sound scan and two urine tests. 

Interviewed on May 27 Paggao had said she had felt a fetus kicking inside Bayron's swollen stomach, and that the ultra-sound scan showed it was a boy. 

The elaborate hoax was apparently hatched to support Bayron's court application for a legal change of name and sex so that he could marry his Army officer lover.

Carlo undergoing tests by Dr. Paggao.
carlos has a checkup 
Note the huge grin on Carlo's face.
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Ho ho, say police to sooty `Santa's' story

OCEANSIDE (California), Jan 5 -- A soot blackened man claiming to be Santa Claus was found dangling upside down from a chimney more than a week after Christmas, a couple said today. 

Lawrence and Margie Beavers said they were awakened early yesterday by a thud, which was followed by a cry for help. In their living room they found Frank Morales, 42, dangling from their chimney with his head just centimetres from the floor. 

"I'd have been scared to death if it weren't so humourus," said Mrs Beaver, 56. "I asked him what he was doing in my house. He said he was Santa Claus ... So I asked him,`Where are my gifts?'" 

Mrs Beaver and her husband Lawrence, 62, called police, who arrested Morales on suspicion of attempted burglary. 

"After telling the couple he was Santa Claus he explained to them he dived down their chimney to get away from a group of men who were chasing him. Neither story was very plausible", a police spokesman said.

Man hanging upside down in a fireplace
Man stuck in a chimney
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Idea all washed up

Berlin - Two east German entrepreneurs' dream of making a fortune by converting old telephone booths into shower stalls has been dealt a blow because authorities fear the public could try to make emergency calls from them. 

Deutsche Telekom poured cold water on the plans of Rainer Krettek and Juergen Hauschildt, who have already plumbed two telephone kiosks and put them on sale for about 4000 marks ($NZ3890) each. 

Telekom spokesman Ulrich Lissek said the showers could cause confusion. It would be a problem if someone wanted to make an emergency call and ran into the booth that was actually a shower.

Woman showering in a phone booth
Telephone shower
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